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Defense Health Agency

DoD Healthcare Management
System Modernization (DHMSM)

Department of

Veteran Affairs

Electronic Health
Record Modernization

Space Force

Cyber Training
And Learning

National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute

Office of Chief Information Officers Risk Management Framework (OCIO RMF)

Industry Partners

"We count on ATGI to deliver mission critical elements of the program and their leadership team understands the mission beyond the day to day."


"In their execution and delivery, ATGI stays perfectly attuned to mission critical objectives and business ethics."

Oracle Health

"ATGI consistently provided exceptional service from cradle to grave. They have gone the extra step with their employees currently engaged on DHMSM."


"ATGI is an exceptional partner that brings great capability and performance to the EHRM program. The leadership at ATGI lead a business grounded in flawless execution, excellence in all aspects of delivery, and extraordinary customer satisfaction."

VA EHRM Program

Client Testimonials

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