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ATGI drives program success by partnering with our customers and industry to deliver flexible solutions with integrity and transparency.

ATGI Innovative Solutions

Today’s technology landscape and digital acceleration requires public and private entities to be at the forefront of modernized, integrated systems. Software tools need to be reliable, secure, flexible, and easy to use.  When implemented effectively, today’s systems can improve productivity, expand the accessibility to information, reduce risks, and improve decision-making based on accurate data. To support the evolving complexity of healthcare IT, ATGI specializes in the following core capabilities.


ATGI’s Technical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) design, develop, and deliver high-quality solutions that fulfill our customers’ complex systems integration requirements by:

  • Leveraging engineering best practices focused on modernization, legacy integration, system interoperability, risk mitigation, security, and maximum customer adoption.

  • Utilizing Agile software development methodologies to incrementally develop and deliver solutions on time and within budget.

  • Supporting system architecture through requirements analysis detailed technical working sessions, smoke testing, quality assurance, and break / fix assessments.

  • Leading development of system infrastructure and Health Level 7 (HL7) interface design.

  • Providing “built-in” 24/7 monitoring for performance issues, enhancement opportunities, and patch management solutions to minimize technical and production risks.

  • Conducting regular software maintenance updates and response time threshold testing for system capabilities.

  • Coordinating with technology staff to proactively monitor, detect, and mitigate system vulnerabilities.


End-user adoption is a critical component for the successful implementation of new systems and major system enhancements. Using our Pulse Learning Process, ATGI’s Training Specialists are recognized across industry for their creative, life-cycle approach to adult training. These training and adoption services include:

  • Conducting individual, small group, and full classroom exercises including simulations and end-to-end process activities.

  • Developing blended learning modalities through computer-based eLearning, classroom instruction, and ‘over-the-shoulder’ system coaching.

  • Providing real-time technical and functional adoption coaching during system deployment.

  • Creating tailored course objectives and scenario-based training for targeted audience groups.

  • Keeping training content relevant, tailored, and engaging to maximize learning and retention.

  • Developing supporting course materials including job aids, reference material, and instructional/participant training guides.

  • Providing help desk support and technical assistance for incoming queries and issues related to computer systems, software, and hardware.


ATGI provides project management, administrative, and technical support to ensure programs are successfully executed within given constraints. ATGI supports complex IT implementations by:

  • Providing functional planning and governance to maintain, enhance, or decommission supporting legacy systems.

  • Defining project work breakdown structures to document milestones, tasks, realistic durations, resources required, and critical paths.

  • Ensuring deliverables are in full compliance with government agency protocols, procedures, and templates while also adhering to configuration management and quality control standards.

  • Leading risk management reviews to identify prioritization, potential impact, root cause analysis, and mitigation approaches.

  • Coordinating project communication with integrated teams including technical staff, contracts, procurement, finance, deployment leads, and training specialists.

  • Supporting Task Order contract planning by developing/reviewing draft performance work statements and requirements for proper scope definition.

  • Conducting Value Assessments to determine whether adoption and performance are efficiently accomplishing the program’s objectives.

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