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ATGI drives improved quality, efficiency, velocity and greater mission accomplishment through the consistent application of accelerating proficiencies.

Right Resources

Accelerate performance, collaboration and innovation.


Using our Agile Reachback® and READ Process™, we deliver the right resources with the appropriate skills and in the needed numbers; we behave ethically and in the best interest of our clients.

Infuse Automation

Improve accuracy, reliability and productivity.


We reduce repetitive tasks to empower employees, increase efficiency, and free them to focus on more challenging activities.

Continual Learning

Drive consistency, productivity and efficiency.


ATGI's Pulse Learning Process™ quantifies the impact skill development and training to improve outcomes, increase knowledge, and build a more engaged workforce.


Reduced government onboarding time through automated process tracking and dashboards


Client satisfaction scores for our ATGI’s learning subject matter experts


Resources sourced in 4 days using ATGI’s Agile Reachback Process

Leverage Data

Identify trends, improve decisions, reduce risk.

We gain meaningful insights from raw data to support decision-making, identify patterns, and extract valuable information.

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