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Customer Experience

Improving the user experience through human-centered design, journey mapping, streamlined processes and tailored communications.

Communication & Engagement

Purposeful, audience-centered, effective communication to build relationships and foster understanding:

  • Communication and presentation development

  • Channel optimization

  • Engagement session facilitation

Journey Mapping

Create a seamless and intuitive personalized user experience by visualizing and optimizing the end-to-end experience:

  • Persona identification and definition

  • Workstyle mapping and optimization

  • Journey mapping and redesign

  • User experience design


Enable equitable access to digital materials by ensuring functionality and content meets federal standards:

  • Section 508 compliance and remediation

  • System testing and validation


National design and workflow engagement sessions


User design

system changes


Process efficiency gain
using data analysis

Process Engineering

Design, analyze, and optimize complex systems and workflows to reduce bottlenecks and enhance overall operational performance:

  • Business process engineering / re-engineering

  • Process diagrams and workflow mapping

  • Continual service improvement

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