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VA Electronic Healthcare Record Modernization (EHRM)

Agency Initiative

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) transformational effort replaces its legacy electronic healthcare record with a modernized and advanced platform. This new system provides an improved and more consistent patient experience at VA medical facilities and community care partners nationwide, standardizing an approach to VA healthcare while prioritizing the needs, preferences, and behaviors of clinical end-users.

Program Impact

VA’s healthcare system historically operated in Veteran Integrated Service Network (VISN) silos, each managing their own disparate software systems and processes. Through the modernization effort of a new integrated and standardized platform, VA is able to utilize a user-centric EHR adapted to meet the diverse clinical and functional needs of stakeholders. The integrated system, adopted by 350,000+ clinicians in the VA, DoD, and Coast Guard healthcare ecosystems, offers patient benefits through a longitudinal record of treatment, operational efficiencies achieved by maintaining a unified system, and crucial data exchange to enhance patient care.

ATGI Involvement

During the system design phase of the VA EHRM Program, ATGI led 12 national workshops engaging senior leadership from DoD, VA, and the U.S. Coast Guard. These workshops captured 870 current state workflows and critical end-user feedback of desired functionality, allowing ATGI to design an EHR to simulate the needs of clinical VA processes.

Leveraging ATGI agile software development processes, we supported the development of an advanced platform in accordance with VA leadership recommendations. By aligning desired practices with the enhanced capabilities of the system, ATGI helped streamline clinical care decisions, enabling faster and more intelligent processes.

Following the design and development of the system, ATGI partnered with VA to create an EHRM Program Measurement Plan focused on measuring key adoption, technical, and throughput metrics. By utilizing reporting tools, value management specialists supported ongoing optimization of the system to increase utilization, efficiency, and system changes to improve user experience.

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