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ATG Innovations Announces Prime Contract with Space Force to Advance Cyber Security Capabilities. 

ATG Innovations (ATGI) is excited to announce it has been awarded a prime contract with Space Force to support their continued mission conducting global space operations. Under this contract, ATGI will provide cyber training and learning lab experiences enabling Guardians to:

  • Develop knowledge and skills required to detect and analyze indicators of malicious activity

  • Understand threat intelligence and threat management

  • Respond to attacks and vulnerabilities

  • Perform incident response

  • Manage risk

This contract award builds on ATGI’s strong track record of delivering quality IT services and solutions to the Department of Defense. Patty Tylski, ATGI’s Delivery Program Manager, quoted, “We are committed to supporting the Space Force mission and look forward to a continued successful partnership with this specialized service branch of the U.S. Armed Forced.”

ATGI’s capabilities within technology management play a pivotal role in the modern landscape by delivering secure, stable, and consistent operations for technological resources. Through development of modernized systems using cutting-edge tools, ATGI empowers customers to innovate, streamline processes, and harness the benefits of advanced technology.



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