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SecureXperts (SXI) and ATGI have joined forces to deliver ShadowSafe Secure, an end-to-end solution allowing remote endpoints to communicate over the open internet with highly-protected primary networks without risking security to sensitive information.

Ensuring the Security of Our Nation's Most Sensitive Information

ShadowSafe Secure is an end-to-end platform complete with strong encryption and cybersecurity defense in depth strategies required by the US Department of Defense and the National Security Agency to protect sensitive and classified information from adversarial exploitation.


The optimal ShadowSafe Secure solution includes three core elements:

The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl SXi™ is a secure zero-trust end user computing workstation using next generation cyber protection including anti-tamper, secure boot, and electromagnetic shielding against covert side channel analysis, and data theft.

The Black Pearl mitigates Wi-Fi threats using state of the art encrypted 5G LTE cellular wireless connectivity to mitigate spoofing, masquerading, and malicious file injection of malware into trusted systems.

ShadowSafe Secure Solution Benefits


Physical countermeasures to include soundproofing, access control, fire, environmental controls, intrusion and interception detection.

Network Access

User granted access only to those highly-protected networks to which they are authorized

Zero Trust

Safeguard data and user privacy with blockchain audit logging


Data Isolation and the inability to download files prevents exfiltration


Compliant with national security and critical infrastructure protection sectors

Strong Multifactor Authentication

Anti-tamper, secure boot from cloning resistant RFID chip

The Digital Asset Defense Unit (D.A.D.E.)

The D.A.D.E. is a portable, protected computing environment shielding computing devices and equipment from data/signals intercept and debilitating electromagnetic pulse/interference. 

The D.A.D.E. meets all cybersecurity standards to process, store, and transmit Controlled and Uncontrolled information including with physical countermeasures including access control, environmental, and intrusion detection.

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Interested in learning more about how ATGI’s Capabilities, Solutions, and Partnerships can support your mission?

ShadowSafe Connect

ShadowSafe Connect is the connectivity between end user devices traversing from untrusted to trusted environments using strong multi-layered encryption to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the data as it transits the untrusted network. Centralized certificate and network management ensures all connections are logged and traceable with each user granted access only to those highly-protected networks to which they are authorized.

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